Immortel (2004)

Immortel (2004)-*1\2

Directed By: Enki Bilal

Starring: Charlotte Rampling

Immortel is from a visual standpoint beautiful. But style over substance can only get you so far. As a movie, it's jumbled and annoying.

 In 2095, some Egyptian pyramid comes down from the sky and releases a bird man of sorts. I think some woman named Jill who has blue hair has to stop it. I wish this was a better plot description, but even IMDB can't explain it. The plot summary trails off.

Immortel was shot on a "digital backlot" AKA a green screen, but what the crud is going on? There's birds, blue people, and pyramids flying all over the place. Then it ends. I guess it's too hard for a movie to MAKE SENSE. Maybe I don't "get it", but at least tell a coherent story.

If you like visual eye candy watch it, but as a movie, stay away.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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