What is this site?

Comeuppance Reviews is a website devoted to reviewing direct to video movies (and theatrical flicks too like Action Jackson, Cobra and more), with a special emphasis on action movies released on VHS in the 80's and early 90's.  There are some other surprises as well, such as dance movies like Body Rock, just to keep things interesting. We pride ourselves on being the premier site for punchfighting movies.

What is "Punchfighting"?

Punchfighting is simply a name we came up with to refer to movies about underground bare-knuckle fighting that spectators bet on. It is a common theme of action movies that continues to this day. From early punchfighters such as Busted Up to today's punchfighters like Circle of Pain, no greased-up meathead will go unseen.

Was this site ever called "direct tarbosh"?

Yes, but we changed it because we felt that name made no sense for what we are trying to do. All the content from the direct tarbosh years remains on the site. We changed it to COMEUPPANCE REVIEWS because the best part of any action/revenge movie is when the bad guy or guys get their comeuppance. It has nothing to do with giving the movies themselves their comeuppance, at least in most cases.

What ARE you trying to do?

OUR AIMS:  - Write reviews and articles that are comprehensive and informative, but also fun to read. This site is by movie fans, for movie fans. We're talking about movies here - so we try to keep it irreverent and fun.

- Unearth hidden gems from the 80's/early 90's and talk about them. We give star ratings from Zero to 4. (Not 5 like some others. We don't like five, it's too many stars.) We will always celebrate the VHS era! We want to keep the golden age of video-store classics alive. At Comeuppance Reviews, the fire for action movies and the era in which they thrived will always be kept burning. If it were up to us, in front of the White House, there would be an American flag, and a flag with the Vestron video label as well!

- Completely eschew internet-nerd snarkiness. We always show the maximum amount of love possible to our review subjects, but sometimes they cross the line! True to the men and women of action celebrated on this site, there will be no whining, no complaining and no excuses - just PURE, UNADULTERATED ACTION!

Podcast Appearances:

We were lucky to be on Direct To Video Connoisseur's Podcast: Here are the Episodes: Ep 9 and Ep 23

How can I contact you guys?
We love comments, so please leave a comment! You can contact Ty at Tarbosh777@yahoo.com or Tweet: @Tycomeuppance

If you want to suggest an action movie for us to review, we welcome all suggestions. We will try to track it down and review it!