Ultimate Justice (2017)

Ultimate Justice (2017)- * * *

Directed by: Martin Christopher Bode

Starring: Mark Dasascos, Mike Moller, Wolfgang Riehm, Brandon Rhea, and Matthias Hues

Gustav-Ferdinand Von Behren (Dacascos) – his friends call him Gus – is the leader of VME, a team of highly-skilled A-Team types who execute dangerous missions and fight the baddies. After a mission goes wrong, the team splits up and they all go their separate ways. However, the owner of VME, Hans (Riehm) has his own problems. 

When his wife is attacked and his daughter kidnapped, that’s enough impetus for Gus to get the old team back together. Kicking into high gear, Gus re-teams with Andreas (Rhea), Radowsky (Hues), Benny (Moller), and other members. After some twists and turns, we finally find out who is on the receiving end of the ULTIMATE JUSTICE.

We really liked Ultimate Justice. First-time director Martin Christopher Bode really seems to know what fans want and he delivers it. We couldn’t be happier that there are still people out there making “Assemble a Team” movies, and the inclusion of fan favorites Dacascos and Hues only sweetens the deal. We enjoyed all the really cool fights and the German backdrop provides a nice setting. You can tell they really cared and that was infectious.

Yes, unfortunately there is some CGI as it relates to the bullet hits, muzzle flashes and such, and if that wasn’t there, it would rank even higher in our eyes. It just wasn’t needed in this tribute to old-school action. That’s really our only complaint – although some people may find the unintentionally humorous dubbing off-putting. We thought it just added to the throwback feel that we’re used to. Plus it provides a couple of laffs. 

Bode opts to let us get to know the characters a bit more than what we usually see, so that was appreciated. But, of course, there’s plenty of gun-shooting and Martial Arts action. Naturally, the Prerequisite Torture is here too (and, unrelated to that, we get to see the world’s fastest neck snap). Mike Moller – not to be confused with Matt Mullins - stands out as an impressive fighter and we look forward to seeing what he does in the future.

Striking a nice balance between the more serious-minded and the silly, Ultimate Justice delivers the goods for action fans in this modern era of DTV.

Comeuppance Review by: Brett and Ty

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U.S. Seals 3 (2002)

U.S. Seals 3 (2002)- * *

Directed by: Franklin A. Vallette

Starring: Tyler Christopher and Bentley Mitchum

Rick (Christopher) is the leader of a SEAL team in Albania. He and the rest of his crew have to take along a mysterious man named Andreas (Mitchum) with them as a guide. But what is Andreas’s real purpose for being involved with the mission? After a lot of shooting and blow-ups, we finally get to the truth…but what will be the real cost to these FROGMEN?

U.S. SEALS 3 is very standard fare. It doesn’t have the unusual plot turnaround of the first outing, or the energy and entertainment of the Isaac Florentine-directed second installment. It’s just kinda there. It’s not bad, per se, but it does get quite boring and is fairly typical Nu-Image muck. It could’ve used a name, any name, to pep things up…Tom Sizemore, Jay Roberts, Jr., Kellan Lutz…somebody.

Probably because we’re dealing with Navy SEALS, there are plenty of underwater scenes and it does bring something new to the table: underwater grunting. You haven’t heard grunting until you’ve heard underwater grunting. Granted, the characters involved probably wouldn’t have heard themselves grunt, but, in the pioneering spirit of the film, we, the audience, get to hear this sonic marvel. Also there’s a classic “NOOOOOOoooo!!!”, as we frequently hear, but, you guessed it: It’s underwater this time. Pretty sweet. I guess.

As is often the case with these military-based outings, much-needed character development is thrown by the wayside. Adding insult to injury, a lot of the characters, especially the SEAL team, look a lot alike. So it’s hard to tell – or care – who is speaking or what’s really going on. But there is a lot of silly and nonthreatening violence papered over it all. Additionally, when they were trying to explain where they were, they misspelled “Aegean” on the screen. Where was the quality control?

In 1994, before his murder troubles, O.J. Simpson was set to star in a series called Frogmen. Also, Deep Purple has an album called Stormbringer. No doubt inspired by these series of events, Nu-Image concocted this, U.S. Seals 3 AKA Frogmen Operation Stormbringer. It’s a 90-minute film released in 2002. It probably runs at 24 frames per second. You can watch it on a screen. We think that pretty much covers all there is to say.

We were not moved in one direction or another by this film. We didn’t love it, and it’s not nearly bad enough to hate. It simply exists in our world, like rocks and trees and mountains and sand. If that sounds like a ringing endorsement, you can watch it on Amazon Prime. But we think you may have better things to do.

Comeuppance Review by: Brett and Ty