Neverwas (2005)

Neverwas (2005) -* * *

Directed By: Joshua Michael Stern

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ian McKellen, Jessica Lange, Michael Moriarty, and Nick Nolte

Neverwas was a good family drama.

Zach Riley (Eckhart) is working as a psychiatrist in the Millwood Insane Asylum. He meets Gabriel (McKellen) who only thinks about Riley's Father (Nolte) and the fantasy book he wrote years ago.

Zach realizes that the book may be true and Gabriel holds the key to its existence.

The performances are first-rate. McKellen and Eckhart have a good chemistry together. Hurt is his usual self. Nolte and Lange don't have much to do but it's nice seeing them. One of the problems with the movie is that they criminally wasted Michael Moriarty's talent. He's in it for an actual second. Why cast him if he's gonna be a extra?

This movie has been collecting dust for over three years now. I can definitely see why. The movie is slow and not much happens.

But overall, Neverwas is worth seeing for the performances and plot-line.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty


Ginostra (2002)

Ginostra (2002) -*1\2

Directed By: Manuel Pradal

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Andie MacDowell, Harry Dean Stanton, and Asia Argento

Ginostra is a huge mess.

 FBI Agent Matt Benson (Keitel) travels to Italy to help a young boy from the mobsters that killed his family run by Del Piero (Stanton). There's also weird nuns (One of them played by Argento) involved with a volcano.....

From the opening scene the movie has already overstayed it's welcome. The movie is just abrupt and edited terribly. Scenes just start\end with no rhythm. Andie MacDowell has nothing to do, and Argento even less, even with the 2-hour plus running time. The best scene in the movie is the confrontation between Keitel and Stanton. The oddest part of the movie is: (Get ready...) One of the mobsters puts a bomb in a sheep and it blows up. I'm not kidding. 

No wonder this movie has been on the shelf for over 5 years. It deserved it. Maybe it should've stayed there longer after some editing.

It's only worth sitting though if you're a Keitel completist. Anybody else stay away. Don't be fooled by the quality cast.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty


The Mad (2007)

The Mad (2007) -* * *

Directed By: John Kalangis

Starring: Billy Zane and Maggie Castle

The Mad is a decent but very silly horror flick.

Jason Hunt (Zane) and his family stop at a small town restaurant. While there, the townspeople turn into zombies after eating the hamburgers. Now Jason and his surviving daughter Amy (Castle) have to escape and figure out the mystery.

For a direct-to-video horror movie, this wasn't so bad. I expected the worst because it's distributed by the same company that put out UKM (2006). Zane saved the movie with a funny performance. There were some good gore scenes too. The only flaw in the movie is the editing. There's no need for the movie to turn into a epileptic fit. It only happens a few times though.

The Mad is a good rainy day movie. It's fast-paced and gory, topped with an entertaining Zane performance. Recommended.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

The Hawk Is Dying (2006)

The Hawk Is Dying (2006) -* * *

Directed By: Julian Goldberger

Starring: Paul Giamatti and Michelle Williams

The Hawk Is Dying is a low-key gem.

George Gattling (Giamatti) has a boring life as an auto upholsterer. His hobby is training hawks. But most of his hawks die of starvation. When he finds another one, his goal is to not make it starve and get the respect of his family.

As usual, Giamatti puts in a great performance as George. You feel for his character instantly. You want him to succeed. Williams also does a good job as George's love interest. I can see why this movie was dumped onto DVD shelves. The movie has no commercial appeal. I think it's better that way. Perhaps people can discover this movie themselves.

The Hawk Is Dying is definitely worth watching.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty


Con Express (2002)

Con Express (2002) -* * *

Directed By: Terry Cunningham

Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery and Arnold Vosloo

Con Express is a fun flick.

The plot goes like this: Alex Brooks (Flanery) is a special agent assigned to bring down Anton Simeonov (Vosloo) who has a nuclear device. Brooks has to team up with another agent (Ursula Karven) when he gets double-crossed. The Cold War is back and it's heating up...

This is one of the last movies produced by PM entertainment. It looks like they spared no expense (except the stock footage of Runaway Train, 1985). The action scenes are well-shot. The stand-out is the gunfight in the cabin. Flanery, Karven, and Vosloo put in good performances for the silly material.

If you're looking for a good couch potato movie, Con Express should fit the bill.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty