Civil Brand (2002)

Civil Brand (2002)-* *

Directed by: Neema Barnette

Starring: Lark Voorhies, Da Brat, Mos Def, MC Lyte, and Clifton Powell

Civil Brand is a mediocre prison film. it is trying to class up the much-maligned, so- called "Women in Prison" flick. This isn't like Caged Heat (1974) and Chained Heat (1983). Rather, this is a drama about changing your life for the better.

The redeeming parts of this film are: any scene with Warden Alan Deese (Powell) and Mos Def's character. Everything else is very clich├ęd and has no originality. All the prison stereotypes are in force. Also there are too many jump cuts and editing tricks. The acting for the most part is just a lot of yelling. On the downside, the ending feels a bit tacked-on. On the upside, Lark Voorhies of "Saved By the Bell" fame is in it.

Comeuppance review by: Ty

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