The Method (1996)

The Method (1996)-* * *

Directed by: Kevin Lewis

Starring: Robert Forster, Sean Patrick Flanery, Tyrin Turner, Natasha Gregson Wagner

The Method is a good movie. It's about four actors who engage in "Method" acting. Their new play is about a bank robbery, and they want to be as realistic as possible and they go commit one. The bank robbery scene is very tense and exciting. Sean Patrick Flannery does a good job as Christian. He plays a jerk very well. Turner does a fine job as an ex-gangbanger trying to escape his past. Robert Forster is in the movie for a minute and does absolutely nothing as Christian's Dad.

Up until the bank robbery, It's just a lot of speeches about life, which can get pretty tedious. Overall, It's a different movie that has it's share of flaws, but it's worth seeing.

Comeuppance review by: Ty

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