Wake Of Death (2004)

Wake of Death (2004) -* * *1\2
Directed By: Phillipe Martinez

Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tony Schiena, and Simon Yam

Wake of Death is one of the best Van Damme movies ever. He has been making an effort to make all his releases better than Seagal. He has definitely succeeded. When you first see the cover with Van Damme brandishing two firearms, you think, "This is gonna be awesome!" and you'd be right.

Ben Archer's (Van Damme) wife is brutally killed by gangster Sun Quan (Yam). Like the tagline says "All that's left is revenge". The whole movie is different from the usual action flick for example:

Acting: Van Damme's best peformance yet. Critics who called him "Stiff as a Board" won't be saying that this time around. You really feel for him when his wife is killed.

Action: "Wake Of Death" pumps up the action quotient by 110%. All the action scenes are brutal and contain a lot of blood. But every bad guy deserved it. The motorcycle chase in the mall is very exciting. The final battle in the shipyard is awesome.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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