Mindhunters (2004)

Mindhunters (2004)- * * *

Directed By: Renny Harlin

Starring: Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, Clifton Collins Jr., Kathryn Morris, and Christian Slater

Mindhunters is a silly, but highly entertaining mystery. The real mystery is why the movie was delayed for two years by Dimension Films.

Seven FBI profilers are put on an remote island for training about serial killers. Little do they know that a real killer is on the loose tracking them one by one. Not killing them outright, but setting traps. The mystery aspect of the film is different and there are a lot of twists. The deaths are also original. Spoilers Below!!!!!

Slater's and Kilmer's death are the standouts. Slater's character is the first victim who gets frozen by liquid nitrogen and shatters into pieces. Kilmer's character was strung up with hooks like a puppet.

The only problem with the movie is the ending. It's very lame and it hurts the film greatly. But if you don't take the movie too seriously, you'll enjoy it.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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Buddybaba said...

I don't think Harlin meant this as a comedy. The silliest death was the acid cigarettes. I saw the ending coming far too early. If you want strange FX deaths on film try "Wishmaster" "The Cube" "Resident Evil" "Final Destination" Bizarre death sequences alone does not for me a movie make.