The Mad (2007)

The Mad (2007) -* * *

Directed By: John Kalangis

Starring: Billy Zane and Maggie Castle

The Mad is a decent but very silly horror flick.

Jason Hunt (Zane) and his family stop at a small town restaurant. While there, the townspeople turn into zombies after eating the hamburgers. Now Jason and his surviving daughter Amy (Castle) have to escape and figure out the mystery.

For a direct-to-video horror movie, this wasn't so bad. I expected the worst because it's distributed by the same company that put out UKM (2006). Zane saved the movie with a funny performance. There were some good gore scenes too. The only flaw in the movie is the editing. There's no need for the movie to turn into a epileptic fit. It only happens a few times though.

The Mad is a good rainy day movie. It's fast-paced and gory, topped with an entertaining Zane performance. Recommended.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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