Point Blank (1998)

Point Blank (1998) -*

Directed By: Matt Earl Beasley

Starring: Mickey Rourke, James Gammon, Paul Ben-Victor, Fredric Forrest, and Danny Trejo

This movie won't be confused with the Lee Marvin classic of the same name. For good reason. It gives straight to video a bad name and gives the 90s a black eye.

This is one bad film. With clumsy editing, terrible performances and rip-offs galore! One of the major missteps is the editing. Rourke's character Rudy is a supposed "Karate Master" but when he does a roundhouse kick to a guy it first cuts to the foot then jaggedly cuts to Rourke killing him. Rudy from The Cosby show has better moves than this guy.

This is Rourke's monotone years, where you need subtitles to hear what's he's saying. If you somehow hear the wretched dialogue he's reciting, mute the TV. It is better without the sound anyway. Let's also not forget how "roided" up Rourke is. Are you kidding me? All that boxing really did damage his brain. Danny Trejo gets shot like 15 times (twice in the HEAD!) and he's wearing a motorcycle jacket! Just don't watch this film unless you're having a party and everybody is drunk.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I watched this drunk. It wasn't even funny. The only good part was when Danny Trejo does all that blow.

Ty said...

Congratulations on having the 1st comment on this movie.

You're right, this was crud...but Mickey Rourke was funny.