Speakeasy (2002)

Speakeasy (2002)-* * *

Directed by: Brendan Murphy

Starring: David Strathairn, Nicky Katt, Christopher McDonald, Lake Bell, and Arthur Hiller

Speakeasy is an engaging drama. It's being dumped on video with little fanfare. The other "Project Greenlight" film: Battle of Shaker Heights is complete garbage. That film got the Greenlight treatment. Speakeasy was the runner up in that contest.

Everybody in this film gives excellent performances. It's great to see David Strathairn in a starring role. He gives a calm and interesting performance as Bruce Hickman. Stacy Edwards does a good job as his wife, Sophie. There really is no plot because this is a character study. It's really irritating that Miramax gives Speakeasy no chance for awards (or an audience), but begs for them for Cold Mountain.

 It's definitely worth seeing and if you see it in a video store, don't pass it by.

Comeuppance review by: Ty

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