Woman For All Men (1975)

A Woman For All Men (1975)- * * *

AKA: Deadly Intrigue

Directed by: Arthur Marks

Starring: Alex Rocco, Andy Robinson, Keenan Wynn, Peter Hooten, and Lois Hall. 

A Woman For All Men  AKA "Deadly Intrigue" is a good movie. It's what you might call a "drive-in drama".

It's about two brothers: Steve (Robinson) and Paul (Hooten) who work for their father Walter (Wynn). When Walter brings home the beautiful Sarah (Hall), everything spins out of control. Soon, blackmail, double-crosses, and murder become family traits.

The whole thing is well-acted, and the plot has some fun twists. Alex Rocco is only in it for 10 minutes, but his presence is always welcome. The only problem with the movie is that the 2nd half drags a little. It was released on VHS under the title Deadly Intrigue.

In the end: If you can locate this movie, it's definitely worth watching.

Comeuppance review by: Ty

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