We're BACK!

Much like an unkillable supersoldier, no matter what gets thrown at us, you can't keep us down! We fought back with all our strength with against the evil forces and nefarious whims of the internet overlords. As you can clearly see, we came out victorious!

Of course, there's the one little change - we're now comeuppancereviews.NET. So be sure to tell all your friends and family about that adjustment. Other than that, the site you know and love is exactly the same as it always was - it has the classic archive intact, and a full slate of reviews is planned going forward into the future, with no end in sight.

But by far the most important thing we hope to retain after the name change is the awesome community of fans, friends, and followers. In other words, YOU. Thanks to you, the Comeuppance Reviews Army has not been - and cannot ever be - defeated.

So now let's go onward and upward together with COMEUPPANCEREVIEWS.NET! Thank you for reading this, and your continued support. It means everything to us.

- Ty and Brett


Anonymous said...

Glad you got the site back up. I was devastated when i went to my bookmark to see what you've been reviewing to find it was gone!!

Ty said...

Thanks! We're definitely back. Update your bookmarks. :-)