A Little Trip To Heaven (2005)

A Little Trip To Heaven (2005) -* * *

Directed By: Baltasar Kormákur

Starring: Forest Whitaker, Julia Stiles, and Peter Coyote

A Little Trip To Heaven is a well-acted drama.

The Plot: Abe Holt (Whitaker) is an insurance investigator who is sent to a small town to find out about a car accident. He meets Isolde (Stiles) and realizes that the truth could also be a scam.

Forest Whitaker is excellent in the role. He brings a lot of sadness and humility to it. His accent, while unnecessary, works for him. Julia Stiles also does a good job, and Peter Coyote, as Holt's boss, is always worth watching. The climax\ending doesn't work but it could have ended worse.

A Little Trip To Heaven is definitely a hidden gem that's being thrown onto the video market. It works well on the small screen however.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty


The Film Fiend said...

This sounds interesting. Hopefully I can find a video store locally that's carrying it.

Headshots by John Hart said...

Weird, but wonderful weird.

Great performances, stunning cinematography.

Was mainly concerned though with
the fate of the boy, at the mercy
of his 'parents' and their intense
Relieved he was going to be OK.
For me, that was a happy ending.

Yipes! Was Whitaker an angel
at the end? Ambiguous, yes?

Ty said...

Definitely agree. Whitaker always puts in a great performance. The movie was weird, but a hidden gem. Thanks for your comment!