Fugitive Among Us (1992)

Fugitive Among Us (1992)-* * *

Directed by: Michael Toshiyuki Uno

Starring: Eric Roberts, Peter Strauss, Elizabeth Pena, and Lauren Holly

Fugitive Among Us is a pretty good mystery\drama. Peter Strauss plays a Cop On The Edge. He wants to catch a really brutal criminal played by the always awesome Eric Roberts. I liked that that this movie was more of a drama. It doesn't have any action or need any. It's the tough performances that makes it good. There are some slow moments, but both the Strauss and Roberts characters are both interesting enough to carry over the boring parts.

Any movie with Eric Roberts is great. He will always be better than his sister. Who cares if she has an Oscar, Eric always puts in a quality performance.

Comeuppance review by: Ty


Anonymous said...

Can't agree more! I am still looking for a good DVD-release of "Fugitive Among Us".

Ty said...

I hope it will come to DVD soon! Would love to watch that one again.