Liebster Awards Answers!

Thanks so much for Nominating Comeuppance Reviews for a Liebster Award!

Here are our answers:

1. Favourite James Bond and film?: Pierce Brosnan\Goldeneye

2.  What film has the best sound track ever?: Braveheart

3.      If you could cast one leading lady and one leading man who would they be?: Jason Statham and Gina Carano

4.      Which is the film you secretly love, but feel you should hate?:Showgirls

5.      If you had the casting vote at the last Academy Awards, which film would you have win best picture?: The Tree Of Life

6.      Who would you chose to play you in a biopic of your life?: Sylvester Stallone

7.      What is your favourite movie scene of all time?: True Romance end Shootout

8.     In your opinion, who is the most overrated director ever?:  George Lucas

9.     Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?: Harry Potter

10.  If you could only ever watch comedies or action films for the rest of you life which would it be?: Definitely action films!

11.  What was the last movie that made you cry?: Schindler's List


Unknown said...

Thanks for taking part, enjoyed your answers - namely the fact that you are a fellow Tree of Life fan, reviewed it on my blog a while back and I agree it should have beaten The Artist

Ty said...

No problem! They were fun to answer.

venom said...

Films like Tree Of Life really aren't my thing, I personally wanted Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to win. I agree that Lucas is an overrated director, but I wouldn't say he's most overrated, for me that honor goes to Jean-Luc Goddard, I just don't "get" his films at all, not a huge fan of Darren Aronofsky either.

Ty said...

Never seen any Godard....Aronofsky is a bit overrated...but did like Requiem For A Dream.

force_field said...

No Timothy Dalton and License to Kill?

Ty said...

He was really good too...it was tough to pick one Bond.