Black Dawn (2005)

Black Dawn (2005) -* *

Directed By:Alexander Gruszynski

Starring: Steven Seagal

Black Dawn is one of the weakest Seagal movies. This is a sequel to The Foreigner (2003). There's no reason to make this except that it's another paycheck in The Steve's pockets.

The "plot" is about Russian gangsters in Romania who have a nuclear device. "Jonathan Cold" (Seagal) has to stop them. Seagal is barely in this and he doesn't do anything, and I mean ANYTHING: fighting, acting, or exercise.

Steven Seagal's Stunt Double:

He has to find better scripts, or at least a director who needs to realize that Seagal is the draw, not some nameless Romanian.

Comeuppance Review By: Ty

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