The Heist (1997)

The Heist (1997)- *

AKA: Hostile Force

Directed by: Michael Kennedy

Starring: Andrew McCarthy, Cynthia Geary, and Wolf Larson

 "Some things don't go exactly as planned."

In this obviously-Canadian so-called "thriller", which should have maintained its cooler original title, "Hostile Force", Lucy (Geary) is an ex-cop (after being involved in a shoot-out) now working as a 911 operator. Mike (McCarthy) believes there is money in a safe at Lucy's place of employment. Mike and some other toughs in animal masks try to intimidate the workers and find the money. Will they succeed?

After a decent shoot-out opening, the movie begins to lag. Unfortunately, this lag take up the rest of the running time. That's quite an 85-minute lag. McCarthy can't save the movie, no matter how hard he tries.

Lucy's co-workers are very annoying and trite. One looks like Banya from "Seinfeld" and is ten times more irritating. The boss minces around and does his best Paul Lynde impression. Everyone except Mike and Lucy are meant to be comic relief. Sadly, the "humor" falls flat on its face and neither the movie, nor the audience, can recover.

Imagine a poorly-constructed, cheap version of Phoenix (1998).

Avoid The Heist (1997) if you ever stumble across it.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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