Hard Justice (1995)

Hard Justice (1995) -* * *1\2

Directed By: Greg Yaitanes

Starring: David Bradley and Charles Napier

David Bradley is on a lower level than Seagal or Van Damme. Just like Sasha Mitchell, Olivier Gruner and Mike Norris, he's not too bad an actor, but he can't make it to the big leagues.

Hard Justice is without a doubt David Bradley's best movie. Nick Adams (Bradley) goes undercover in a prison to root out his best friend's killer. He realizes that not only is the prison corrupt, his arch enemy Jimmy Wong is back to even the score. The plot is basically a rip-off of the Van Damme movie Death Warrant (1990), but it makes up for that in the action sequences. The opening is fantastic, with almost non-stop action. The climax is also well-executed. But the middle, where Adams is in the prison does lag a little.

Charles Napier is great as the evil warden. The fight choreography does show off Bradley's martial arts ability, thankfully the filmmakers didn't over-edit the scenes. Overall, this is the Bradley movie to see.

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