The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)- *

Directed By: Lance Mungia

Starring: Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, David Boreanaz, Macy Gray, Danny Trejo, and Dennis Hopper

The Crow: Wicked Prayer is another weak sequel to "The Crow" series. They should've stopped while they were ahead. (Meaning the First One).

The plot this time around involves Jimmy (Furlong) who gets murdered by Luc Crash (David Boreanaz) and Lola Byrne (Reid) (Get it? "Crash and Byrne"! Wow, the script was very prophetic with the end result...) and is resurrected to be "The Crow". He wants revenge. Does he succeed?

The movie is rife with silly dialogue and terrible casting. Who in their right mind thought Dennis Hopper could be a gangsta who spouts lines like: "He'll be your homey now and forever more!"? There's no way that could be taken seriously. Furlong looks like he's trapped in the headlights and there's no way out.

Boreanaz goes way over the top. When his voice starts to deepen for no reason when he says dialogue like: "Sorry folks, I'd slit all your throats, but I gotta get to the burial grounds..." you know something's wrong. Reid was trying, even straining to make her character work. The movie has endlessly quotable lines for the wrong reasons. The action scenes are poorly edited also. They couldn't get that one right either?

In the end: The Crow: Wicked Prayer should be avoided like the plague it is.

Comeuppance Review by: Ty


Anonymous said...

A horrible movie! The Crow in this film seemed to have too much sugar in his shoes to be hard! EVERYONE SUCKED IN THIS FILM!

Ty said...

Definitely agree with you! They shouldn't have made this sequel. Felt bad for Furlong, Reid, and especially Hopper.

Nof Low said...

Just awful. Hopper deserved something much better than this piece of crap! We've just reviewed the movie in our blog and I still have fresh memories from it.

Ty said...

Totally agree. Poor Dennis. This was a tough sit. Everybody was at their worst. Especially Boreanaz and Furlong.

Port Film Co-op said...

Could you review the other Crow sequels?