Witness to a Kill (2001)

Witness to a Kill (2001)-*  *  *

AKA: Diamond Cut Diamond

Directed by: Darrell Roodt

Starring: Gary Daniels and Francoise Yip

It's action with a British accent!

Witness To A Kill is an another movie that reinforces the fact that Gary Daniels is a very cool actor\martial arts master.

Captain Strong (Daniels) who is chosen to become the Queen's Messenger in Africa. When he arrives, there is a ambush by terrorists. Strong also comes to realize that traitors are afoot.

In the end: Witness to a Kill is filled to the brim with rockin' martial arts and explosions. Watch it and have a great time. With my effusive praise, one might be tempted to think I am a producer for his films. Not so. I am merely a fan. For some more action-packed, awesome, entertaining excitement, I would recommend the following movies for the Gary Daniels neophyte: Capital Punishment (1991), Bloodmoon (1997), and Cold Harvest (1999).

Comeuppance review by: Ty and Brett


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I agree, I had fun with this too, though I would say the three you mentioned as others to check out, are much better. Anyway, you can't go wrong with any of them.

Ty said...

Totally agree. Also really need to buy copies of Capital Punishment and Cold Harvest one of these days.

The Bloodmoon review is coming soon!