One Man Force (1989)

One Man Force (1989- * * *
Directed By: Dale Trevillion

Starring: John Matuszak, Charles Napier, Sam Jones, Ronny Cox, George "Buck" Flower, Richard Lynch, and Stacey Q

One of the best types of films are of the "Cop On The Edge" variety. You know the ones I'm talking about: The cop gets thrown off the case by his chief and he goes renegade to bring a criminal to justice. The are so many like Cobra (1986), Cop (1988), or Narc (2003). One Man Force is one of the best. Every line is a cliche like ("Get off my back chief!") John Matuszak plays Jake Swan, a no-nonsense cop who doesn't play by the rules, but when his partner is killed, he becomes a "One Man Force" to stop the bad guys. Matuszak puts in a fun performance as Jake. He is supported by excellent character actors Charles Napier,Ronny Cox, and fan favorite Richard Lynch. If you can find a copy, it's definitely one for your collection.

One other thing: The tagline For OMF is as follows: "Jake Swan: Narcotics Detective: 6'8-280 lbs-21" biceps, 55" chest. No one enforces the law like he does!" 

Comeuppance Review by: Ty

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