Bad Attitude (1993)

Bad Blood (1994)

The Bad Pack (1997)

Back In Action (1993)

Bet Your Life (2004)

A Better Way To Die (2000)

Beverly Hills Brats (1989)

Black Thunder (1998)

Black Valor (1973) 


Port Film Co-op said...

You guys should see a film called By The Sword (1991) with F. Murray Abraham and Eric Roberts ...

Ty said...

Seen By The Sword, it's a little slow going haha

Port Film Co-op said...

Watch it again, its great.

Ty said...

Will one day rewatch it haha

Anonymous said...

Broken Path (Broken Fist or Attack of the Yakuza) is basically a fight scene stretched to movie length. Made and starring a few of the early Power Rangers team. Pretty good movie if you can track it down